LDK Lawn Services is based on quality, reliability and professionalism. Mowing, landscaping and snow removal are just some of the services that we provide.

Why choose LDK Lawn Services?

It seems so simple, but there are 3 qualities that set us apart.


We are there for our customers from the first contact to the completed job.


Our lawn care technicians take care of your property dressed in logo’d polos and khaki pants. We invest in the best equipment and keep it running in top shape.


We take great pride in our work - and it shows! Our technicians are trained to meet the lawn care and landscaping needs of your property.

Recent Projects

Top Quality Service

Fertilizer Services

Spring is here and grass is growing! Help your lawn get essential nutrients and thrive with fertilizer services. Fertilizer is an important lawn care service that provides numerous benefits for your yard. Another valuable lawn care service is mowing. These services are crucial for having a beautiful, healthy lawn. Let’s go over what these lawn

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Yard Maintenance

Enjoy your time outdoors by keeping up with your lawn. Yard maintenance services, like mowing, help your property stay happy and healthy. Another essential lawn care service is fertilizer. Contacting a lawn care company to maintain your yard allows you to appreciate your exterior without the hassle. Let’s go over how professional lawn care services

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