2020’s Best Job to Keep You in Shape: Lawn Care

2020’s Best Job to Keep You in Shape: Lawn Care

2020 is the year of you! How do you get the best version of you though? Do you need to get organized? Eat healthier? Get in shape? All of these things can help create a better you, but one of them you can do on the job. The best job to keep you in shape is lawn care. It is labor intensive and mentally stimulating. 

The Workout:

Lawn care is the best job to keep you in shape, because you are required to be constantly moving. There are a lot of natural movements to promote strength. Whether it is lifting items in a squat or shoveling mulch to promote arm strength, you will get a workout in. The best part is that it is naturally working your muscles. You do not have to worry about creating a workout or worrying about what you are doing at the gym. It is giving you a full body workout versus just targeting one area. 

Two hands digging into some mulch. working hard

Another reason it is the best job to keep you in shape is because it creates endurance. Instead of an hour long workout, you are working and moving for 8+ hours a day. This prepares you for the days that your friend needs help moving last minute or it simply makes the days off more enjoyable. If you are training for an athletic event, a job in lawn care is perfect for you. Mentally it challenges you, by making you think about what is the next productive move. You are always considering the most efficient way to complete a job. A lot of jobs can be completed in several different ways, but getting it done efficiently will keep you on your toes. 

How to Get the Job:

The first step to getting the best job to keep you in shape is creating a resume. Make a collection of your previous jobs and most relevant jobs to the field. Next step, apply for the position. A the company will then reach out to you. If they do not reach out to you, call and follow up. From there you will start in their interview process to see if you are the best fit for the job. Always put your best foot forward during the interview. 

Now that you know the best job for getting in shape, take the leap and apply. Having a job that fits your goals and lifestyle is important to your mental health. You no longer have to carve time out of your day to workout, it is now part of your job. Give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your goals this year, make the career change today.

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