4 Signs You Might Need Tree Removal

4 Signs You Might Need Tree Removal

Getting tree removal is a large project for a homeowner. These are some signs that it is time to get your tree examined to see if it can be saved or if it is time to let go. Do not attempt to remove a tree yourself. Always consult a professional before taking on a large project like this.

1. Fungi Growing

Fungi and mushrooms growing at the bottom of the tree truck are a sign of decay already. Certain funguses can also cause the tree to get “sick” and start to decay. As soon as you notice this at the root of your tree, call a professional. Catching the fungi early can prevent the tree from dying.

2. Cracks and Cavities in the Tree Trunk.

Tree Removal happening in the front yard of a neighbothoof

Not all cracks and cavities mean that the tree needs to be removed. However, a lot of the time they are a sign that the tree is not structurally sound. You should contact a professional to examine your tree if you suspect this.

3. Large Dead Branches

Larger dead branches are a sign the a tree is dead. Trimming dead branches when you notice they are dead will keep the tree healthy. It also prevents branches from falling during storms and causing more damage.

4. Growing Into Power Lines

Having a tree growing into power lines is a complicated issue. Not only do you need to consult an arborist, but also the power company. Letting trees grow into power lines can cause a loss of power and potentially fires.

Make sure before removing a tree, a specialist comes to look at the tree. An arborist will tell you if it’s time to remove the tree or if it can be saved. We do not recommend removing large trees yourself. It is a dangerous task if you are not a trained and insured arborist. Not every tree needs to be removed, some just need nursed back to health. Remember, ALWAYS consult a specialist before removing any trees.

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