5 Low Maintenance Plants for Outdoors

5 Low Maintenance Plants for Outdoors

Low maintenance plants that will thrive in your Kansas City Landscape.

People believe that having a beautiful landscaping is a lot of work. It can be, but there are ways to have low maintenance plants and get the landscaping you are wanting without a lot of work. Landscaping maintenance is as hard or easy as you make it. Here are some low maintenance plant options that will make your landscaping look amazing at all times!

Low Maintenance Plants and Shrubs:


Barberry Bush in landscaping setting low maintenance plants

This low maintenance shrub only needs to be pruned a couple times a year. Before winter, after the plant as fruited, it needs to be pruned into shape to prepare for winter. The plant thrives best in a mulch bed with about 3 inches of mulch. With water and sunlight barberries will come back and make you look like a pro every year!


Penioes in mulch low maintenance plants

Peonies need to be planted in sunny and dry areas. They are large flowers and might need to have a support cage put around them if the flowers get too heavy and start to droop. Make sure the plant is watered on a regular basis. If you are wanting this low maintenance plant to come back after winter, remove the mulch that is around it, replace it with straw, and put down new mulch in the spring.

Purple Pixie

Purple Pixie in Planter

Plant your purple pixie in a morning light/afternoon shade area. This retains the purple color in the plant more. Do not over water this plant. Water the plant when the base of it is dry. This means you do not have to care for this plant everyday. Perfect for the person who is on the go.


Coneflower in mulch

This low maintenance plant grows to be between 2 to 4 feet high. They are tolerant of drought and poor soil, but will thrive the best in a rich soil mix. Coneflowers are great in full sun area. They do not need to be cut before winter, the coneflower self seeds.


Hosta plant

Hostas are large shrubs that do need to be divided and replanted when they become oversized. They grow the best in partial shade areas. Applying a slow release fertilizer at the beginning of spring is not essential, but it does help the plant grow. Hostas that are planted in mulch help prevent disease. This low maintenance plant can usually survive off regular rainfall alone. Make sure during drought times to water only about 1 ½ inches a week.

Remember, plants do need water! No matter how low maintenance these plants are, they do need some care. You will not be able to plant anything and walk away from it unmonitored. However, these are great plants for travelers or anyone who wants to spend more time enjoying their landscaping and less time working on it.

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