6 Landscaping Services Your HOA Needs

6 Landscaping Services Your HOA Needs

HOA landscaping is crucial to keeping an home owner’s association board and members happy throughout the year. There is a standard in most HOA’s that is held and wants to be maintained by all members, but is hard to meet without the proper lawn care. There are 6 essential services that will improve your neighborhoods status and maintain it all year. 


HOA landscaping in Kansas City mowing.

Regular mowing is the foundation of any good lawn. Professional mowing if perfect for your club house or common area. Some HOA’s will offer this service at a community rate per lawn in the neighborhood. That can be included in dues and budgets or paid per customer for the service. Most professional companies will offer a group rate even for individual payments. 

Plant Maintenance

HOA landscaping includes maintaining all landscaping beds or islands that are community property. This includes mulch, weeding, watering, planting, trimming, and other maintenance services. A professional lawn care company can schedule you as regular maintenance. Professional landscaping companies perform this service on a regular basis. 


Grass needs food just like you do. Having a fertilizer program that applies 7 treatments a year in the midwest will give your lawn what it needs. These treatments include weed control. Fertilizer also prevents any pest from moving into the property and damaging the lawn. 


Core aeration is essential to what your lawn needs in the fall. Aeration is the process of removing cork size holes from the property to allow the grass roots to breathe and get nutrients. Add seeding to aeration in the fall to obtain strong new grass roots before the harsh winter hits. 

Leaf Removal

Leaves can destroy a healthy lawn if left over winter. Compact leaves will suffocate the lawn. This makes it harder for grass to grow back in the spring. We suggest doing 2-3 leaf removals a year.

Snow Removal

HOA Landscaping does include snow removal. Keep your community safe throughout the year by providing snow removal in the common areas and snow removal options for residents. This will insure your neighborhood is traveling safely in in-climate weather. 

A professional landscaping company will be able to offer a group rate per lawn for all the services that can be paid by the HOA or broken down for the individual homeowner. Providing a lawn care company for your neighborhood reassures homeowners that you care about their community. They chose your HOA for a reason, maintain that reason with HOA landscaping.

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