7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

Hiring a landscaper and landscaping company is a big decision. Landscaping can add up to 15% value to your home. Treat the decision like that. Hiring a landscaper can mean finding the perfect one the first try or having to talk to many companies and going through several consultations. Make sure you are asking the right questions to find out what landscaping company is the best fit for you! 

How do I find the right landscaper?

Landscaping after a tree was removed, bushes were replaced, and new mulch was put down.

Reviews. Anyone who takes the time to write a review about a company was either really impressed or really upset. They give you a good idea of the two polars that a company performs at. Don’t forget your neighbors. If you have a neighbor and you like the way their landscaping looks, ask them who they used. Finally, Google it. Find your local landscaping companies and set up appointments to meet with them and make sure they understand what you are wanting. From there you will get a quote and can get started. During that meeting there are some important questions to ask. Here are 8 questions to ask your landscaper:

1. Are You Insured?

Being insured shows that a company is safe and prepared. It is also a great way to tell if a company is going to leave in the middle of a project or take your deposit and not start at all. To make you feel more secure make sure your landscaper shows you their proof of insurance.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It all goes back to reliability. Someone who just started business and is uninsured is statistically more likely to leave without performing any task. Make sure you are covered before anything else. 

3. Can You Send Me Pictures of Previous Projects?

If you aren’t sure of how all your ideas will turn out together or just need a little inspiration, ask to see a landscapers portfolio. It gives you a great idea of the finished project and gives you a reason to look at previous work.

4. What is The Exact Price of This Project?

Exact prices keeps you on budget. Of course, you should be ready if something were to come up but overall a professionals price will be spot on. 

5. How Long Will the Project Take?

It is important to know a timeline, so that you know when you will have workers at your home and what to expect. Most landscape turnarounds are 3-10 days. That varies based on the size of the project.

6. Do You Have a Specialist on Staff?

Your landscaping company should have a professional on staff for your project. Sometimes that means special licensing and other times, it is just experience. A professional company will have just what you need.

7. Do You Perform Maintenance After Installation?

If maintenance after your installation is important to you, then make sure that’s something your company does. If it is not, don’t be afraid to ask them for a referral.

Now that you are hiring a landscaper that fits your needs perfectly, it’s time to get started. Your project is now in the works and you will soon have a beautiful landscape and improved home value to show for it. Remember to pick the right landscaping company that fits you!

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