Aeration and Fall Overseeding

Aeration and Fall Overseeding

With the weather cooling off, fall lawn care is right around the corner. Leaves will need to be picked up and soon snow removal will be upon us. Before those services, comes aeration and fall overseeding. Let’s explore the benefits of aeration and adding overseed to the service.

aeration and fall overseeding in overland park


Aeration is the process of removing cork sized holes from the ground to remove compression and allow the lawn to breathe. This allows the lawn to lose the compression of everything that has sat on it over the years. Going over the lawn twice with the aerator will insure that your whole lawn is taken care of. 

 As that is happening, it allows for more nutrients and fertilizer to reach the grass roots. Stronger roots create stronger grass. This means your lawn will be more heat and drought resistant. On top of that it reduces thatch. If thatch builds up it will increase the amount of pest on your lawn and compress your lawn.

Fall Overseeding

The perfect partner to aeration is fall overseeding. It is the process of adding an excess of seed to the lawn right after aeration. This allows the seed to create deep roots while the current roots gain nutrients. 

Fall overseeding does require some after care. Aftercare for seed includes watering for several weeks after. The amount of time depends on the weather at the time. Making sure to keep the seed wet is the rule of thumb. You will see the most improvement in the spring after the roots have had time to develop over the fall and winter. 

Taking care of your lawn in the fall is important. Just because the weather is cooling off does not mean that lawn care needs to stop. Take care of your lawn this fall with aeration and overseeding.

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