Aeration and Overseeding 101

Aeration and Overseeding 101

Does your lawn need a pick me up? Have you been putting seed down and it’s not working? Aeration and overseeding may be the treatment for you. Let your lawn breathe and become the fullest it can be with aeration.

What is Aeration and Overseeding?

a mans hand touching green grass that has been aerated and overseeded

Aeration and overseeding is the process of creating holes in your lawn and then going over it with a large amount of seed. This is done by taking an aerator that pulls out cork size pieces of dirt from your lawn. They are pulled out every 3-5 inches. After that you take a seed spreader and spread out a heavy blanket of seed. The key to seeing progress in this process is watering excessively and do not mow for 2-3 weeks after aerating and overseeding.

How Does it Affect My Lawn?

The aeration and overseeding process will improve your lawns health. By letting the top compacted layer of soil breathe, it creates healthier and strong grass roots. Now air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots. It also prepares your lawn for winter. Aerating before your fall and winter fertilizer applications allows your lawn to soak in more of those fertilizers. This gets your lawn is ready for the harsh months ahead.

Aeration and Overseeding vs. Slice Seeding

Often aeration and overseeding are compared to slice seeding. Slice seeding is the process of taking a slicer through your yard that will create an incision in your lawn and then place a seed in it. If you already have a green and full lawn, slice seeding is not recommended. This process is only recommended for bare lawns. If you have some bare spots and the rest of your lawn is well established, the recommended treatment is aeration and overseeding with spot slice seeding. A professional would go in and aerate your whole lawn and then spot slice seed the bare areas on the property. This way your whole lawn is not torn up and the bare areas are treated properly.

Overall if your lawn is needing a pick me up or needs to be protected for the winter. Aeration and overseeding is your treatment! Do not start this treatment until consulting a lawn care professional. Every lawn is different and has different needs, make sure aeration and overseeding is the treatment for you.

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