Aeration in Kansas City

Aeration in Kansas City

Taking care of your lawn does not stop after summer has ended. It is important to care for your lawn all year round. One of the ways to do that is aeration in Kansas City in the fall. We will go over what aeration does, if you should do it yourself, and how to find a company to help you. 

What is Aeration?

Fall lawn care aeration in kansas city

Aeration is the process of using a machine to remove cork sized holes from your lawn. Removing the lawn instead of compressing it to make holes will allow it to breathe. From this point it is important to allow nutrients to get to your grass roots. Aeration is used to create a strong and healthier lawn for the spring. It also helps your lawn survive the harsh winter by giving it the extra boost of nutrients. This is vital every fall.

Do it Yourself?

You can do aeration in Kansas City yourself. There are aerator machines that you can purchase and use. We do caution this. If you run over a sprinkler head or any other landscaping item on your property you will have to repair it.  A professional company will mark all of these items to ensure your lawn is safe. 

The Best Company for You

How do you find the best company for your lawn? There are a lot of factors that can go into play when making your decision. This company should be local and knowledgeable about aeration in Kansas City. They will be able to tell you that your sprinkler heads need marked and that they will be going over the property twice with the aerator. Companies who have aerated for a while will then suggest overseeding to make your lawn thicker. If a company cannot do all of these things, they are not the company for you. 

Aeration in Kansas City is vital to your lawn’s health. Take the time to give your lawn what it needs by scheduling your fall services today. Contact your local lawn and landscaping to get ahead of the game and get an estimate now. 

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