Almost Winter Lawn Care

Almost Winter Lawn Care

Fall is here. Fall weather is all around. As homeowners there are a lot of services you need to complete in the fall. We are going to be discussing almost winter lawn care today. This is everything that needs to be done before the first snow falls on residential homes. Let’s go over the services you need to get started on now. 


Feeding your lawn during the year is important. As the weather declines it does not stop. Do not forget your last 3 lawn applications in the fall/winter. Hiring a lawn care company to take care of these services will prevent any treatments from being missed. We recommend 7 fertilizer treatments a year for the Kansas City area.


Removing the cork sized holes from your lawn allows it to breathe. Aeration combined with seed creates a lush green lawn. This helps to prevent thatch, allow nutrients to get to the grassroots, and creates a full lawn with new grass roots. Doing this early-mid fall once a year is best for your lawn. 

Leaf removal in kansas city for almost winter lawn care

Leaf Removal

Keeping leaves and other debris off your lawn is important for almost winter lawn care. Debris left on the lawn will cause suffocation. When the snow starts to fall, it will compress everything on your lawn. The longer leaves are compressed, the worse it is for your lawn’s roots. 2-3 leaf removals in the fall will prevent suffocation. 

Final Mowing

Mowing slows down as the weather cools off. Before you suspend your services for the year, make sure to have one last mowing. It is important to not cut your lawn too short but to make sure it is at a normal height before stopping for the year. This will help to prevent suffocation and allow nutrients to reach the lawn’s roots. 

Almost winter lawn care needs to be done in the months of September to December. There is no exact time to do these items. They all depend on the weather. Starting too early will burn the lawn and starting too late will make it hard to aerate and it will leave loose leaves on the lawn for the snow to compress. Hiring a professional lawn care company will prevent missing the window that is best for your lawn.

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