Kandace Wallace

Snow Removal in Johnson County

Snow removal services are never to early to think about. Snow can hit at any time, and it is better to be prepared. LDK Lawn Services can make sure your home or company has snow removal services when it snows, not after. Get on the LDK Lawn Services schedule today. By planning for snow now, … Read more

Top 5 Lawn Care Tips For Fall

Top 5 Fall Lawn Care Tips Aeration perforates the soil with holes to allow air, water and nutrients straight to the roots. This increases the oxygen movement, helps prevent runoff, improves fertilization, and much more. Why do you need to use aeration? Aeration allows your grass to grow deeper roots and produce a stronger and … Read more

Commercial landscape services near me Kansas City

Commercial landscape services for your office or business complex shows your clients and customers that you take pride in having your property look nice and creates a positive first impression. However, keeping up the maintenance yourself is just not always feasible – mowing, weeding, trimming – these are tasks better suited to the pros. Your … Read more

Snow Removal Service Near Me – Kansas City/Overland Park

Snow removal service is the last thing on our minds right now in the throes of a blistering Summer, but as crazy as it might sound, now is probably the best time to contact LDK Lawn Services to get a good deal on a Winter snow plan contract.  The earlier you start planning for snow … Read more

Leaf Removal Service Near Me – Overland Park

When you’re searching for a leaf removal service near me, whether it’s for your home or commercial property, it’s always better and probably less expensive to get something scheduled now for your Fall brush cleanup and leaf raking needs. By waiting until later you lose out on getting the best choice of which days and … Read more