Benefits of Mulch

Benefits of Mulch

All your mulch questions answered here!

Picking the right mulch for your project can be difficult. Here are some commonly asked questions when deciding if mulch is right for your project.

A man shoveling mulch out of a truck

What is mulch?

Mulch can be made up of various different materials such as compost, leaves, grass clippings, hay, bark, wood chips, newspaper, and much more. It is important to pick a mulch that will achieve the results you are looking for.

What does mulch do?

Aesthetic appeal tends to be very important to residents when it comes to mulch. It does look very clean cut if the mulch is installed correctly, but it has a lot of other great benefits as well. Benefits of mulch:

  • Weed Prevention
  • Water Conservation
  • Nutrient Release
  • Root Protection

What is the best mulch for me?

Placing mulch into a flower bed

Choosing the right mulch can be difficult. The safe recommendation is to call a landscaper and have them come assess the property. A professional landscaper will have the knowledge and skills to recommend exactly what your lawn needs. If you are in the Kansas City area looking for mulch the best option is going to be a wood chip mulch. With the amount of rain and heat that the Kansas City area receives, it will hold enough moisture to keep your plants hydrated and protect the roots of the plants from the sun. Always consult a professional on your lawn to avoid any damage of doing it yourself. If you do choose to select a mulch on your own, make sure you double check the plants in that bed and pick what will be best for their survival.

Mulch Compared to Rock:

Besides mulch, rock, or small stones are also very common for landscaping beds. The main differences between the two is that rock allows for more weeds to come through the cracks and does not hold water as well as mulch does. If you have a bed that does not need a lot of water, then you can consider doing rock instead of mulch.

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