Lawn Care Laborer

LDK Lawn Services Location : Overland Park KS US LDK Lawn Services is looking for hard working individuals who are skilling in lawn care and outdoor labor. LDK will help you develop the skills needed to be an… More >> jobs by

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Fertilizer: Do I Really Need It?

Homeowners know how important their lawn is to home appeal, functionality, and property values of their home. What makes a great lawn? Is it mowing? Landscaping? Fertilizer? It is a combination of all of those services. Fertilizer is the most forgotten of the 3 essential lawn services every year. Homeowners in Kansas City often leave

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Professional Leaf Removal: Is It Worth It?

Spending a weekend doing leaf removal is no one’s idea of the perfect Saturday. When you hire a professional leaf removal service it saves valuable time that you could be spending with family, friends, or preparing to have house guest this holiday season. Leaf removal is a necessity for your lawn. Here is why hiring

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Guide to Creating a Thanksgiving Checklist

Thanksgiving is a busy time when you are the host. There is a lot to do and a lot that can be forgotten A Thanksgiving checklist is the perfect way to not forget the small things that can make or break your day. This is our Thanksgiving checklist of some of the most forgotten items.

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After Winter Lawn Care

After winter lawn care can be difficult. Where do you start? What do you need? Is your grass okay? What condition are the trees in? Is everything going to grow back the same? The answer is maybe. It all depends on what steps you took before winter and what steps you take after winter. Leaf

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4 Signs You Might Need Tree Removal

Getting tree removal is a large project for a homeowner. These are some signs that it is time to get your tree examined to see if it can be saved or if it is time to let go. Do not attempt to remove a tree yourself. Always consult a professional before taking on a large

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