Can Adding Landscaping Improve Your Health?

Can Adding Landscaping Improve Your Health?

Imagine if you could take your morning coffee outside, love what you see, and improve your health all at the same time? Creating an outdoor space or adding landscaping to your Kansas City home that you love to be in will encourage you to go outside, which can improve your health!

From stress levels to your immune system, there is so much that your outdoor space can do for you. Adding landscaping will encourage you to go outside and soak up everything the outdoors can do for you. Take advantage of your outdoor space and take control of your health!

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Here are 4 reason on how adding landscaping to your lawn can encourage you to go outside and improve your health:

1. Lower Stress Levels

Taking a walk outside when you are stressed out has been proven to lower your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Stress affects your digestive system which can cause gas and bloating. By adding landscaping to your Kansas City home and spending time in it, can decrease bloating.

2. Help You Sleep

Sunlight helps your body set an internal clock. If you are having issues sleeping, then start spending more time outside each day. Studies have shown that 30-60 minutes of sunlight can decrease insomnia episodes. Adding a landscaping water feature to your landscape design creates a calming noise that can help you relax to sleep better as well.

3. Improve Immune System

The more time spent outside, the more pathogens your body is exposed to. Your body is better equipped to fight off flus, colds and other infections when it is exposed to more of those at a lower level. The more time spent in your landscaped backyard, the more it will improve.

4. Improved Vision

Being indoors and staring at screens has been proven to decrease our vision, in children especially. Spending time outside decrease your screen time. Incorporating a children’s play area in the landscaping design for your Kansas City home that will make them want to drop their devices and join in on the outdoor fun can do wonders!

Here are some easy things that landscaping in Kansas City companies, like LDK Lawn Services, can do to help improve your landscape:

Beautiful outdoor patio

Take control of your health today! Spend more time outside and improve your health. Read a book on the back patio, have a cup of coffee on the porch, play with the kids in the backyard, or even enjoy your new water feature, these are all things that you can you enjoy by adding a new landscape to your home.

Improving your landscape also improves you too! Invest in yourself and get a FREE quote from LDK Lawn Services today! It’s easy and free. Click here to get started or give us a call at (913) 568-5013.

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