Lawn Care Companies Near Me

Lawn Improvements 2022

There are many lawn improvements to consider in 2022. Achieve healthy, green grass by adding a few simple steps to your routine. Two important lawn care practices include fertilizer and aeration. These services can do wonders for your grass and improve the appearance of your lawn. Lawn Fertilizer Enrolling in a fertilizer program is the … Read more

Sprinkler System in the Summer

As the temperature rises, so does the chance of your grass burning. Using a sprinkler system in the summer is a great way to prevent damage. Your lawn needs moisture to maintain its healthiness and green color. Otherwise, the summer heat will make your grass withered and brittle. Let’s go over what you can do … Read more

Yard Clean Up: Summer Edition

With summer here, there are lots of yard clean up projects. You may need to clean up your landscape or any debris that is on your lawn. Sprucing up your yard will add curb appeal to your house. Cleaning up your lawn will also make sure it stays happy and healthy. Landscaping Clean Up There … Read more

Yard Drainage and Solutions

It’s been a rainy week in the Kansas City area! While rain is a good thing, it can also cause many problems for your yard drainage. Issues that can happen include grass suffocation, soil erosion, and standing water that attracts pests. Your lawn and house foundation can really suffer from these complications. Let’s go over … Read more

Grass Cutting Services in Kansas City

Are you too busy for a lawn? Is your HOA constantly reminding you to make sure you lawn is in check? Are you searching for a regular grass cutting service? How do you know when you’ve found a quality service? LDK Lawn Services will take care of your lawn for you! Grass cutting services are … Read more

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Why do you need a professional lawn mowing service? A professional lawn mowing service is essential in the heat of summer. No one wants to be out watering or mowing in the Kansas heat. A professional lawn mowing service will make sure your lawn looks amazing in every season. Picking the right service can be … Read more