Lawn Care Companies

Fall Fertilizer

There are many lawn care services that are necessary during the cooler season. Aeration, seeding, leaf removal, and regular mowing are just a few. An extremely important service to remember is fall fertilizer. We recommend seven fertilizer applications a year. There are two treatments that take place during the fall time. Let’s go over the … Read more

Leaf Clean Up in Kansas City

As the weather cools down, leaves will begin to fall. It’s a beautiful time of year, but there are important lawn care tips to keep in mind. Leaf clean up is an essential part of fall lawn maintenance. Other services that will help your lawn thrive include aeration and seeding. Let’s learn more about lawn … Read more

Fall Lawn Maintenance

It’s time to think about fall lawn maintenance. Plan ahead and know what you need to do before the season begins. Some services that will help your yard include clean up, leaf removal, aeration, and seeding. Make sure to take care of your lawn in the fall so it has a better chance to recover … Read more

Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Do you want to improve the overall strength of your grass? Lawn aeration and seeding are right around the corner and have numerous benefits. One of the advantages of aeration is that it improves water absorption. A reason to seed your lawn is that it increases grass density. Aeration is done first, followed by seeding … Read more

Late Summer Lawn Care

The weather in Kansas City has been extremely hot lately. Late summer lawn care is more important than ever. Two vital lawn care services include fertilization and irrigation. These programs will help your lawn thrive during the summer months. Let’s go over how these services will be useful during the hot temperatures. Late Summer Fertilizer … Read more