Championship Hardscape Patio

Championship Hardscape Patio

With the Super Bowl around the corner, make sure your hardscape patio and backyard are ready to compete. The end of football often means the beginning of spring, baseball, and BBQ’s. Do you have a lawn that is ready for the season? Make sure your patio is the MVP.

Patio Repair

Hardscaping outdoor kitchen patio

Just like any item or building wear and tear happens to hardscape patios. The ground can shift and cause a crack or breakage in the patio. When this happens, contact a professional landscaping company to come in and repair the damage. Repairing the patio yourself can often cause more breakage than before.

New Patio

A new hardscape patio or an expansion to a current patio is a great addition to a property. It extends the living space outdoors. Adding landscaping and hardscape patios to a property can increase the property value up to 15%. Increase your home value by adding a new relaxing patio today!

Patio Maintenance

You can wash away grime by spraying with a hose or a light power washing treatment. Be sure not to apply too much pressure to prevent damage. There is also a sealant designed for pavers that only needs to be applied every 2-3 years pending what the manufacturer advises. These are just a few basic things that you can do to care for your patio. Your landscaping company can advise you on the proper care for your unique hardscape patio.

Once again, the best way to go about building or maintaining a hardscape patio is to consult a landscaping professional.Take the time to do your research and make sure you are ready to add this fun addition to your home. Having a part of your home under construction can be scary, but the average hardscape patio job only takes about one week pending the size of the project. A week for a lot of memories is just a small trade off.

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