Christmas Lawn Care

Christmas Lawn Care

Tis’ the season! The holidays are stressful for everyone. There are family and friends visiting from all around. The last thing you want to worry about is your lawn care while they are here or you are away. Christmas lawn care can be taken care of by your local lawn and landscaping company. Let’s go over what a landscaping company can do for your Christmas lawn care. 

Leaf Removal

Keeping your lawn clean of debris during the winter months is important. This keeps your lawn from suffocating under the pressure of snow and leaves. Leaves also allow for rodents and pest to create a home on your lawn for the winter. Make sure your lawn survives the winter by having your leaves and debris removed 2-3 times a year. 

Winterize Sprinkler System

commercial snow removal in kansas city with snow on the truck after winterize sprinkler systems for christmas lawn care

Having a sprinkler system is great for your lawn’s health. They do need maintenance each winter and spring. In the winter you need to winterize them. This is the process of blowing out all the water in the system so it does not freeze and crack while the ground is below zero. This process can save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the spring. 

Snow Removal

What is winter without snow? Christmas lawn care includes snow removal services. This is what ensures you can still get out and do what you need to after a snow storm. LDK makes sure you have a clear drive way every snow event. Do not get stuck in your home with no way out. Get snow removal services to keep you safe this winter. 

Christmas lawn care is essential every year. Make sure your lawn can survive the winter by hiring a local landscaping to care for it. Whether you have people visiting or you are leaving for the holidays, let LDK take the stress of winter lawn care away. 

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