Commercial Lawn Care: The Basics

Commercial Lawn Care: The Basics

Your business matters to you. Whether you own a business, manage a business, or are a property manager of a building, it is important to make sure your customers get the right first impression. The very first thing a customer sees when they visit is your landscaping. Before they get into you, they see the outside. Commercial lawn care is essential for every business. Let’s go over the right services for your business and who to contact. 


Commercial lawn care services

Not every business will need every commercial lawn care service. If you have any grass at all, you will need mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation. This will help keep the grass green and lush. It is also important to do leaf removals in the fall and winter to keep the lawn clear of anything that can suffocate it during winter snow fall. With a parking lot, snow removal services will be essential each winter to make sure your customers can still reach you. 

Other services to consider are mulch, plantings, rock beds, stepping stones, and patios. Landscaping beds with mulch or rock will elevate your business entrance. Commercial lawn care includes the installation and regular maintenance of these beds. The only thing worse than no landscaping, is dead landscaping. Make sure your commercial lawn care company can maintain your lawn maintenance all year long. 

Who to Call 

How do you find the right company for your business? It is important that your company can meet the standards you have for your business. They will need to be able to provide quality and maintain the property. A local lawn care company will have the knowledge to service your business in different ways. 

Make sure the company can meet your payment requirements as well. Whether that is a 90 day period, take a check, or take a card you want to know they can accommodate you. When calling other services, always ask for recommendations. Remember they are professionals and will know what will thrive on your property. 

There is no one size fits all for your business’s landscaping. A commercial lawn care company will get a custom plan together that works for you and your business. Give your customers the best first impression by having your business’s landscaping speak for itself. 

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