Commercial Fertilizer

Commercial fertilizer is an essential component of your lawn care. It provides necessary nutrients so your commercial property can thrive.

Fertilization provides a solid foundation of deep root systems while boosting thickness and color. Consistent applications will diminish weeds and your grass will be more resilient to disease. The best defense against weeds is thick grass.

We can help your commercial property stand out from the competition with our fertilizer program.

Fertilizer for Commercial Properties

Throughout the year, your commercial lawn needs nourishment to stay healthy. Our fertilizer program consists of seven applications. The first treatment is the Early Spring application. This helps your lawn recover from winter and prevent new weeds from germinating. The next treatment is the Late Spring application. This is a slow release formula that prepares your lawn for summer and adds more pre-emergent to prevent new weeds. Two treatments are applied at the same time during the summer. The Summer and Grub applications help your commercial lawn retain a healthy green color from spring and prevent pests.

There are two treatments during the fall. The Early Fall application promotes lush color. The Late Fall application repairs damaged or stressed turf. The last treatment of the year is the Winterizer application. This provides food to your lawn during the winter. It also promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system. Our program provides nutrients that your commercial lawn needs throughout the year. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

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