Commercial Mowing

Your time and your company’s time are valuable. Take the stress out of commercial mowing and leave it to our professionals.

We mow, trim and blow off paved surfaces, leaving a beautiful end product.

We know that your commercial property is an extension of your business. Our technicians can make sure your business looks maintained and professional.

Mowing for Commercial Properties

Proper mowing is an essential component to a healthy commercial lawn. Our mowing schedule varies depending on the season. The mowing season starts in spring. A consistent height will help your commercial lawn thrive. Our crew follows the one-third rule when mowing your lawn, which means we cut the top one-third of grass. Cutting more than a third of your lawn can damage your turf and cause health and appearance issues. Leaving your grass too high can attract bugs and pests. If your grass is too short, your lawn could burn and become brittle. In the summer, grass needs to be kept a little longer. This will help protect your commercial lawn from the summer heat. Our crew will blow the leftover clippings back onto your grass. They provide nutrients for the soil and a protective layer from the sun.

Mowing during the fall time is still necessary. Your grass will continue to grow until the first serious frost. Keeping a consistent height is very important as the weather cools down. If your grass is too long when snow falls, it can mat and be exposed to snow mold. It is also important to not cut your grass too short. This can impact the way your lawn handles the cold weather. Focus on your business while our technicians focus on commercial mowing. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

What You Can Expect from
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