Curbside Leaf Pick Up Vs. Full Leaf Removal

Curbside Leaf Pick Up Vs. Full Leaf Removal

When it comes to fall, most homeowners think of leaf removal. There are different options for different types of homeowners when it comes to leaf removal. Curbside leaf pick up and full leaf removal services are options for anyone looking to get the most out of their lawn care this fall. Let’s go over what is required of each service.

Curbside leaf pick up and leaf removal in Kansas City

Curbside Leaf Pick Up

Companies who perform leaf removal have leaf vacuum trucks that can suck up leaves from the side of the road to make removal easier for their employees. Most local companies who do this will also just provide that service to residents. What that means is a customer can move their leaves to the curb and pay for a company to come remove them. Curbside leaf pick up is an alternative to removing leaves, bagging them, and disposing of them. With this option you get to skip bagging and removal. 

Full Leaf Removal

A full leaf removal includes hiring a company to do the whole lawn. They will use leaf blowers, rakes, and other tools to make sure your lawn is leaf free. This is the least time consuming option. What sometimes can take one person a whole day will only take a leaf team an hour or two to complete. It is more expensive than curbside leaf pick up, but it is also a bigger time saver. 

Other Options

There are two other options when it comes to leaf removal. The first one is doing it all yourself. This is start to finish completed by the homeowner. The second option is to mulch the leaves. This can only be done if you have a small amount of leaves on your lawn. It is the process of mowing over the leaves. Large amounts of mulched leaves will suffocate the lawn. Only do this when you have just started to see leaves fall or after 2-3 leaf removals. 

Overall to ensure the highest quality leaf removal we recommend a full leaf removal service. If leaves are left on the lawn they will suffocate it and it will cost more to repair than the leaf removal to start with. We recommend 2-3 leaf removals a year to keep your lawn happy and healthy. 

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