Custom Drainage in Kansas City

Custom Drainage in Kansas City

Every home is unique and every yard is unique. Some are flat, some have hills, and some need more help than others. A custom drainage solution can keep your unique home safe from unwanted water pooling and rainfall. This is a job for a professional landscaper. Let’s go over the signs of a drainage issue and what you can do to stop it.

Warning Signs

custom drainage solution in a customers backyard

Water pooling is the biggest sign of a drainage problem. Puddles of water on your lawn can cause dead spots. It is also an area where kids or pets tend to wander when it rains and often causes mud to be tracked inside. This is the most obvious sign of a drainage issue and can be seen every time it rains. 

Two less obviously signs are water trails and small leaks into the home. I know you are thinking “I would notice a leak in my house”. They are not all that obvious. Often they lead into a basement and can dry up before you notice it. Water trails will show up after the rain is gone and you can see a constant path that has been dug out by the water flowing.

What Now?

Now that you can tell you have an issue, let us get you a custom drainage solution. Pending the issue, will depend on the type of drain you need. That is why it is so important to consult a professional landscaper from the start. Digging on your property is not a weekend task that should be taken likely. It is important to use a professional to redirect your water flow in a safe direction. 

After a landscaper has found the issue and solution, it is time to start your custom drain. The project can take a day to a week pending how intense the issue is. It is recommended to place sod over the area after completion to avoid seeing any dirt areas when the drain is filled in. 

You are now ready to hire a professional landscaping service. Make sure the company is insured and has the skills to service your home. Get a free consultation before starting services. 

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