Do You Need Residential Mowing in the Fall?

Do You Need Residential Mowing in the Fall?

One of the biggest questions we get every year is: how late should you mow? It is a great question and one that every residential mowing customer needs to know. Quitting too soon will hurt your grass just as much as mowing too late. Every property is different and let’s explore your fall lawn care and residential mowing needs.

When Do I Stop Mowing?

When you stop mowing depends on your lawn. Most residential mowing customers will mow till the end of October if not longer if their grass is still growing. Do not stop cutting your grass before it is done growing. If your grass is left long during the winter it will get tangled and cause pressure on your grass’ roots. This will cause your lawn to become patchy or not grow back in the spring.

How Tall Should My Grass Be?

Your lawn should be about 2 ½”. There is the temptation for residential mowing customers to have their lawn cut shorter so they do not have to cut it again. Cutting the lawn short will scalp the lawn which leaves it open to burning. After that it is hard to recover the lawn again before the heat of next summer hits. Mowing properly now saves you time and money in the future.

Should I Remove Thatch?

The answer is maybe. Too much thatch is harmful to your lawn. Aeration each year is a great way to maintain a proper amount and still allows your lawns roots to breathe. If you are concerned that you have too much, contact your local lawn care professional. They will be able to come out and let you know if it is time for dethatching.

Do I Need Leaf Removal If I’m Mulching Leaves?

Yes, mulching leaves will help to control the amount of leaves but you will still need a leaf removal. Too much mulching will have the same effect as not having a leaf removal will. The mulch will pile up and suffocate your lawn. Make sure you are getting 2-3 leaf removals a year to prevent any suffocation or build up. Once again, this is a lawn care service that will save you money in the long run. 

Hiring a landscaping company will ensure that your lawn is taken care of year round. Lawn care does not start in May and end in August. Lawn care is a year round process that residential mowing is just a small step of everything that needs done throughout a year. 

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