Drainage Solutions For Your Home

Drainage Solutions For Your Home

Rain and snow can cause many issues for your home. Poor drainage can lead to puddles on your lawn, erosion, and leaks in your house. There are many drainage solutions that can help your property. Downspout extensions, French drains, grading, and custom solutions can improve your home drainage. Let’s go over the importance of correcting poor drainage and what solutions are available.

Drainage Problems

Poor drainage can cause numerous problems for your property. Pooling water is one of the biggest signs of a problem. Puddles on your lawn can attract pests and create dead spots. Another issue includes erosion, which is when water runoff carries soil, mulch, and other debris away. This process takes away nutrients that your lawn and plants need. It can also expose plant roots to harsh weather. Leaks in your home are also a sign of a drainage problem. Leaks often lead into a basement and can dry up before you notice it. The sooner you detect and fix a drainage issue, the better off your property will be.

Drainage Solutions

drainage solutions

A professional landscaping company can advise you on what will work best for you and your property. Options for fixing drainage problems include downspout extensions, French drains, grading, and custom solutions. Downspout extensions direct water a safe distance from your foundation. This allows the water to drain without causing problems. French drains collect and disperse water from low areas or places that water accumulates. Grading promotes good drainage and prevents erosion. A one inch per one foot slope away from your foundation is essential to keep water away from your building. A professional landscaping company can also create a custom solution that works best for your home.

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