Early Fall Lawn Care: Do’s & Don’ts

Early Fall Lawn Care: Do’s & Don’ts

This summer is flying by. With fall quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about what your lawn will need in the early fall months. Fall lawn care is essential to your lawn since it is the perfect weather to accomplish new projects. With things cooling down there are some do’s and don’ts of fall lawn care to remember. Let’s review them. 


early fall lawn care includes mowing the lawn on a regular basis again.

Keep mowing! It is important to keep mowing your lawn in the fall to maintain a healthy height. This prevents the grass from being overgrown and flourishing weeds and pests. You also need to keep watering. Watering your lawn should be at a high in the heat of summer. You do not need to stop watering, just decrease it in the cooler fall months. Maintain any fertilizer treatments as well. Later on make sure to get your sprinkler system winterized to avoid damage from the cold. 

New services to add are going to be aeration, overseeding, and leaf clean ups. Aeration is the process of removing cork sized holes from the ground to allow grass roots to breathe. Combine this with overseeding and it is a great foundation to keeping your lawn lush and green. New grass seeds will thrive in the aeration holes and be able to come back better than ever in the spring. Leaf clean ups will keep your lawn from creating any dead spots from debris sitting on it all winter. We recommend 2-3 clean ups each fall/winter.


Early fall lawn care does not mean lawn care is done for the year. You cannot just stop caring for your lawn because it cools down. Make sure to keep mowing and fertilizing. Do not let a drainage issue go unnoticed. Spring is known for rain, but it does rain a lot in the fall as well. Make sure your lawn is prepared to handle that. Do not keep any debris on your lawn longer than you have to. This creates dead spots. 

Fall lawn care means continued lawn care. Do not stop taking care of your lawn because it has cooled down outside. It is important to maintain your lawn all year round and adjust your lawn care to the weather. We suggest hiring a professional landscaping company so that your lawn always receives the best care. 

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