Early Fall Lawn Maintenance

Early Fall Lawn Maintenance

Summer will be coming to an end soon. It is very crucial to know what early fall lawn maintenance you need for the season. Aeration, seeding, fertilizer, and mowing are all essential. These services will help your lawn thrive in the cooler weather. Let’s go over how to keep up with your lawn in the early fall.

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and seeding improve the overall strength of your grass. The first step is aeration, followed by seeding. The aeration process allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. It also provides enough space for roots to spread out and grow. Seeding is the method of directly planting grass seed on an existing turf. This fills in any bare spots and helps the density of your lawn. The cooler weather in early fall is good for seed growth.


Another important element of early fall lawn maintenance is fertilizer. It gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to flourish. This is a year round service and needs to continue through the cooler season. The early fall application promotes lush color. This will also help your lawn recover after a hot summer. A year round fertilizer program ensures your lawn will have the best chance of thriving. 


To make sure your lawn stays healthy, keep up with regular mowing. A consistent height and schedule have many benefits. If your grass is too high, bugs and pests might be drawn to your lawn. Your lawn could suffer and become dormant if your grass is too short.

A professional lawn company can take care of these services for you. Aeration, seeding, fertilizer, and mowing will help your lawn thrive. Make sure to keep up with early fall maintenance.

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