Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

What does it take to have green landscaping?

Environmentally friendly landscaping can be very intimidating. Yes, solar panels and windmills are environmentally friendly landscaping, but they are not the only thing you can use to create a green lawn. Water plays an important role in green landscaping. We will go over the different ways that landscaping and water affect your lawns environmentally friendly level.

Grass Size:

Reducing your lawn size, will reduce the amount of water and time to maintain it. Adding shrubs or large landscaping beds on the borders reduces size. Creating large beds in the corners of a property will also add some landscaping appeal, but also it will reduce the amount of grass space on your lawn.

Hardscaping patio with a fire pit in the middle for entertaining.

Hardscape Features:

Hardscaping is adding pavers, walking stones, and other outdoor stone living areas. This once again goes back to reducing the grass size. These are appealing to the eye, BUT they also serve a function. They are low maintenance and patios extend your living space for families and friends.


Two hands digging into some mulch.

Landscaping beds with mulch retain more water. When planting in mulch, make sure there is an appropriate distance apart so that they can grow properly. Mulch will also reduce the amount of weed growth and will increase how long you can go between waterings.

Harvest Rainwater:

Recycling rainwater for watering grass and plants is environmentally and budget friendly. Creating a stormwater runoff from gutters or roofs and then leading it into a rain barrel will make it easy to water plants and grass from the rainwater reserve.

Going environmentally friendly with your lawn care does not need to be as drastic as installing a windmill in your back yard or solar panels. Make it easy on yourself and your lawn by reducing your amount of grass and by harvesting water.

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