Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Leaves are taking over! Fall cleanup services help your property thrive by improving the health of your lawn, while also enhancing its appearance. Leaf removal is an extremely important fall service that provides several benefits. Other fall services that can help your property include fertilizer and sprinkler winterization. Let’s go over how useful these services are during the fall season.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

fall cleanup

The fall season means that leaves are everywhere. Fall cleanup services refresh your property and get it in better shape. If leaves are left on your lawn when rain or snow falls, then they can compress and suffocate your grass. Other than health concerns, leaves can also make the appearance of your home unsightly. 

We recommend contacting a lawn care company to remove leaves from your yard. Typically, there are two ways that professionals can clean up your property. The first is a full leaf removal service. A crew will blow leaves in your yard and landscape beds to the curb and remove them with a debris loader. The second option is a curbside leaf pickup. A client will need to move their leaves to the curb and then a crew uses a debris loader to pick them up. This option is less expensive, but requires more time and effort. Avoid the hassle of removing leaves yourself and contact a professional lawn care company today.

Other Fall Services

Fertilizer and sprinkler winterization are other fall services that can help your property. Fertilizer provides nutrients to your grass that help it thrive. We recommend enrolling in a yearlong fertilizer program. In this program, there are two fall treatments and one winter treatment. The Early Fall application helps the color of your lawn. The Late Fall application repairs your damaged or stressed turf. The Winterizer application gives nutrients to your grass over winter and helps develop a healthy root system. Sprinkler winterization is an essential fall service. If water is left in your system, then it can freeze your pipes and cause serious damage. We recommend contacting a professional to winterize your sprinkler system. They will have the necessary equipment and knowledge to blow out your sprinklers. Contact a professional lawn care company for your fall cleanup and lawn care.

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