Fall Fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer

There are many lawn care services that are necessary during the cooler season. Aeration, seeding, leaf removal, and regular mowing are just a few. An extremely important service to remember is fall fertilizer. We recommend seven fertilizer applications a year. There are two treatments that take place during the fall time. Let’s go over the advantages of fertilizing your lawn.

Fall Applications

Two out of the seven total fertilizer applications take place in the fall season. The first treatment is the early fall application. This promotes lush color. The second treatment is the late fall application. This repairs damaged or stressed turf. Fertilizing throughout the year is crucial for your lawn, especially during the fall. After a long, hot summer your grass will need nutrients to help it recover.

Fertilizer Benefits

Fertilizer has many advantages for your grass. It is an extremely important part of your lawn care. Fertilizer provides crucial nutrients that allow grass to grow and thrive. It enhances a lawn’s ability to absorb water and prevent weeds. Fertilizer also helps prevent unwanted pests and insects and promotes a healthy ecosystem. Fall fertilizer has other specific benefits. After a hot summer, your grass needs help recuperating. Lawn treatments help revive roots and strengthen your grass before winter comes. Lawn maintenance during the fall will set the tone for how your yard bounces back in the spring. Make sure to give your grass nutrients so it does well during the winter.

Enroll in a fertilizer program to ensure your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs throughout the year. It will help your grass thrive. Contact a professional lawn care company to make sure your grass gets the appropriate amount of fertilizer.

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