Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall Landscaping Checklist

Everything you need to do to get ready for fall.

Pumpkin spice, fresh leaves on the ground, and cool mornings these are all signs of fall. Before the changing season gets here there are things you need to do to prepare your lawn for fall. Here is a fall landscaping checklist.

Aeration Overseeding

Aeration allows your lawn to breathe and get some nutrients that it was lacking during the hot summer.This is the process of removing cork size holes in the lawn. Applying a large amount of seed to your lawn allows the seed to get into the holes that were just created and promote healthy strong grass. 

Leaf Removal

Fall landscaping checklist with truck in the background

It is vital to your lawns health to remove all leaves once if not twice during the year. All leaves need to be removed from your lawn before winter starts or they will suffocate the grass. Snow melts, therefore it is not as damaging as leaves that are left on the ground all winter. You cannot skip this step on the fall landscaping checklist.

Tree and Shrub Clean-up

It is important before harsh weather hit to trim all branches and shrubs. No one wants a storm to hit and a tree branch on there car the next morning. It is important to prevent disaster before it hits.


Fertilizer should be used throughout the year. There should be a late fall application and a prewinter application. Combined with aeration the late fall application is used to strengthen the growth of the grass. The winter application is a slow release fertilizer that will promote the protection of the grass against frost and snow.

Final Mowing

It is important to perform one final mowing. Keeping your grass long can affect the roots and make them weaker come spring. A last mowing keeps your lawn looking fresh and well kept throughout the winter.

Following your fall landscaping checklist will insure your lawn comes back in the spring. Taking these steps now, will save the cost of trying to repair it later. It is important to keep in mind that every lawn is different and it is best to leave the lawn care to the professionals. There have been a lot of dollars lost from not knowing exactly how to perform lawn care and attempting it alone. 

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