Fall Lawn Care: Never Too Prepared

Fall Lawn Care: Never Too Prepared

Fall is right around the corner and it is always in your best interest to be prepared. Fall lawn care is not something that is on someone’s mind at the start of summer, but needs to be addressed. Preparing your lawn in the fall is what prevents residents from spending more in the spring on lawn repairs. 

There are several services that can be done in fall to prevent damage to your lawn in the winter. Snow and winter ice storms have a lot of potential to create damage that cannot be undone overnight. Here is the recommended fall lawn care to keep your lawn in top shape all winter long.


Fall lawn care aeration

Aeration needs to be done every fall to give your grass a fighting chance. This fall lawn care is the process of removing cork size holes in your lawn to allow your grass to breathe and gain nutrients. It removes the dirt instead of poking the dirt down, because that makes the area more compact. The lawn needs to be opened up to breathe.

Leaf Removal

Removing leaves every fall before winter strikes is vital. Leaving leaves on your property means when the snow falls, they will compress and suffocate your lawn. This means you will need more rehab for your lawn in the spring to have a lush green property.

A large misconception is that snow is going to suffocate your lawn regardless so why bother removing the leaves. Snow melts after a short amount of time. Leaves will be on your property until you remove them and after each snowfall they will become more and more compact. Removing them gives your lawn a fighting chance.


As a lawn and landscaping company, we recommend fertilizing 7 times a year in the midwest. Each application is applied by a certified fertilizer applicant to insure the right results for your lawn. The chemicals and nutrients applied are what keeps your lawn fed during dormant fall and winter months. Sometimes this will be the only food your grass is getting at times. By having this year round you will see improvements in your grass color, thickness, and the amount of weeds on the lawn. 

These 3 fall lawn care services are the basics to making sure your lawn can survive a harsh winter and cold unforgiving months. Do not wait to get these services on your radar. Repairing your lawn in the spring is more expensive than taking these precautions in the fall each year. Do not neglect your fall lawn care.

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