Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

It’s very important to keep up with your yard maintenance during the fall season. We have several fall lawn care tips to help your grass thrive. Services to be mindful of include leaf removal, mowing, aeration, and seeding. Taking care of your lawn during the fall will prepare it for winter. This will also improve how well your grass will bounce back in the spring. Let’s go over some tips for fall lawn care.

Leaf Removal

fall lawn care tips

The service that most people think of during fall is leaf removal. Leaves can create dead spots if they are left on your grass for a long time. If they are still on your lawn after rain and snow falls, the leaves will compress and suffocate your grass. We recommend two to three leaf removals a year. This depends on how many and what types of trees are on your property. Save yourself the hassle of raking and hire a professional lawn care company.

Fall Mowing

Your grass will continue to grow during the fall. It’s essential to keep mowing until the first frost. Having a regular height and schedule will help your lawn remain healthy. If your grass is too tall, it can attract bugs and other pests. Another reason to make sure your lawn isn’t too high is because it can cause problems in winter. Your grass can mat and be sensitive to snow mold. It is also vital to not cut your lawn too short. This can impact how your lawn tolerates the cold winter. Mowing is an important part of fall lawn care.

Fall Aeration and Seeding

For the Kansas and Missouri area, we typically recommend aeration and seeding during the fall. Aeration creates small holes in the soil. This allows nutrients, water, and air to reach grass roots. It also creates space that allows roots to stretch and grow. Seeding will fill in bare spots on your lawn and improve grass density. The fall season provides the perfect temperature and time frame for seeds to grow before winter comes.

Hire a lawn care company to maintain your yard during the fall. This will ensure your lawn is well taken care of and will prevent damage to your grass. Professionals will also know the perfect time of season to complete these services.

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