Fall Lawn Care in Kansas City: What Do You Need?

Fall Lawn Care in Kansas City: What Do You Need?

Fall lawn care in Kansas City is right around the corner. As the weather cools off outside it is important to give your lawn some extra care before the harsh winter weather strikes. Take your lawn care seriously this year with these services that will help your lawn come back better than ever in the spring. 

fall lawn care in kansas City


This is the process of removing cork sized holes from your lawn. This allows your grass roots to breathe and get nutrients. As the year goes on, the ground compresses down and will suffocate your lawn if not taken care of. Aeration makes sure your lawn is breathing and getting everything it needs. We recommend this for a lush full lawn every year. 


Combined with aeration, overseeding is putting down an excess of seed to take root while the holes are still open on the lawn. This creates deeper roots for each seed. Overseeding promotes a lusher and greener lawn every year. Make sure to water heavily for two weeks after or more so that the seed takes. 


Verticutting removes all the built up thatch on a lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead stems, leaves, and roots that accumulate on your lawn. Removing this from your lawn allows for your roots to absorb water again and start to flourish. Too much thatch will suffocate your lawn and needs to be removed. 

Leaf Removal

Everyone loves when the leaves change, but hates raking leaves. Leaves that are left on the lawn during winter become compressed and kill the lawn. We recommend 2-4 leaf removals a year pending the amount of trees on the property. Do not let leaves sit on your lawn all winter.

The grass is always greener with LDK Lawn Services. It will always cost more to recover your lawn than to prevent damage now. Make sure your fall lawn care in Kansas City is taken care of this year by hiring LDK. We will keep your lawn free of leaves and thriving going into the harsh winter. 

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