Fall Mowing 2022

Fall Mowing 2022

Cooler weather will be here before you know it! It is very important to keep up with fall mowing. Lawn mowing is still essential during the fall. Other services to consider during this season include fertilizer, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal. Let’s go over lawn mowing and additional fall lawn care services.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing during the fall time is still necessary. Your grass will continue to grow until the first serious frost. A regular height and schedule will keep your lawn happy and healthy. Leaving your grass too high can attract bugs and pests. It can also cause problems during the winter when snow starts to fall. Your grass can mat and be exposed to snow mold. It is also important to not cut your grass too short. This will impact the way your lawn handles the cold weather. Keep up with fall mowing to make sure your lawn thrives.

Other Fall Services

There are other vital services to remember during fall time. Fertilizer, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal help your lawn thrive during the cooler weather. Let’s go over what to know about these lawn care services.


An important fall lawn care service is fertilizer. There are two different fall applications. One treatment is done in the early fall which promotes lush color. The second treatment is done in the late fall and repairs damaged or stressed turf. Fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive during the cooler temperatures.

Aeration and Seeding

Fall is the season for aeration and seeding in the Kansas City area. Aeration allows nutrients, water, and air to reach grass roots. Seeding fills in any bare spots and increases grass density. These services will help your lawn recover from a hot summer and be prepared for the next spring.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is an essential part of fall lawn care. If left on the lawn, leaves can become compressed and cause dead spots. We recommend two to four leaf removals a year depending on how many trees are on your property. 

A professional lawn care company can take care of these fall services for you. Make sure to keep taking care of your grass during the cooler months. Mowing, fertilizer, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal are essential in helping your lawn thrive.

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