Fall Plant Guide 2019

Fall Plant Guide 2019

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Fall is known for leaves falling, pumpkins being carved, and the weather changing. Anyone who likes to keep up with their landscaping will want to plant with the season. Finding fall plants that thrive in the midwest cool weather can be difficult. Keep in mind that some plants need to be planted in the spring to bloom in the fall and some need to be planted when it’s cooler. Here is your fall plant guide for 2019.


If you need a hard and fast rule  for planting mums it would be Labor Day weekend. Keep in mind that means if it is still really hot out, you need to wait a few weeks. They bloom the best in cool fall weather making it one of the more popular fall plants. Most gardeners plant them in pots to avoid having to dig them up after the cold season.

Winter Pansies:

Pansies are a colorful plant that can grow all year long. During the winter cold they turn grayish green to protect themselves from the frost. They come in various colors to help you customize the fall look you are going for. To winterize your pansies, remove all dead stems and debris from the area, replace the mulch, and put down a nitrogen based fertilizer.


Just as the name suggest this shrub grows beautiful purple berries that add color to any landscape. This plant keeps it’s berries all year-round making it great for fall and winter. They need to be planted in a natural woodland area and need about 1 inch of water a week. Beautyberries are in the fall plant guide, because of the bright colors and retaining the color all year.


This perennial blooms late summer through fall. Helenium’s need to be planted in full sunlight for best results. When this fall plant blooms, it is in beautiful fall yellow, orange, deep red, and brown colors.

Fall is a beautiful and fine time of the year, make sure your landscaping matches the season. Keep an eye out for unexpected hot weather and early snow. This fall plant guide is just a short list of great plants, there are many more plants that will also fit your fall needs. 

The fall landscaping checklist does not stop with the fall plant guide. Aeration and overseeding, fertilizing, and leaf removals are all important to your fall and winter lawn health. Make sure your grass is going to be clear, that way it is not suffocated by snow.

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