Fertilizer: Do I Really Need It?

Fertilizer: Do I Really Need It?

Homeowners know how important their lawn is to home appeal, functionality, and property values of their home. What makes a great lawn? Is it mowing? Landscaping? Fertilizer? It is a combination of all of those services. Fertilizer is the most forgotten of the 3 essential lawn services every year. Homeowners in Kansas City often leave fertilizer off of their list to cut cost or simply because they do not know what it does. Here is everything you need to know about fertilizer in Kansas City.

What is fertilizer? What does it do?

Fertilization ensures a solid foundation of deep root systems while boosting blade thickness and color. Proper results will diminish weeds as your grass grows stronger. Your healthy grass will be more resilient to disease. In Kansas City, fertilizing is needed to help your grass roots grow strong enough to endure the harsh winters and extreme drought summers. Without that extra strength, your grass does not stand a chance.

How many times do I need fertilizer?

For Kansas City fertilizing, there are 7 recommended applications a year. Each one has different qualities to help your lawn grow in that particular season. Slow release is used to spread out the amount that is getting to the grass at one time. Other applications are more immediate to affect the grass right away in tough times.

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What are the credentials for applying fertilizer?

The law changes from state to state, but in most states the company or a person in the company needs to hold a license for fertilizer application. If they do not, then they need to outsource the service to someone who does. The person who holds the license should always be within a phone call distance of the applicator. Once again the laws change from state to state. Check with your local company to make sure they are up to state standards before hiring them.

All of this is just basic information about Kansas City fertilizer. For more information contact a local lawn care company for a full lawn assessment on what is best for your lawn. By skipping fertilizer, you are costing yourself more money in the long run by trying to repair the damage. Always ask a company for their credentials before hiring them.

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