The Basics of Fertilizer in Kansas City

Residential lawn care has many sides and factors that go into it. Many consider mowing the number one way to keep your lawn looking nice. It does play a large role, but working side by side with that is fertilizer. Fertilizer in Kansas City makes a huge difference in your lawns appearance and health. To care for your lawn properly, you have to include more than just mowing in your regular maintenance. Let’s explore some of the basics of fertilizer to get a better understanding of why your residential lawn needs it. 


Fertilizer in Kansas City is used to supply nutrients to the soil so that grass and other plants can grow and thrive. Most of these are slow releases. This means as it rains or the grass is watered, the nutrients will slowly go into the soil for the roots to observe. This keeps your grass thriving over a longer period of time. Treatments also protect your lawn from the harsh weather by giving it a healthy boost. Combined with water, it will help prevent dead grass in the middle of summer and throughout the year. 


Who should apply fertilizer is a question that comes up a lot. Make no mistake, fertilizer contains chemicals that need to be applied properly for them to be effective. A licensed fertilizer technician should be the only one applying them. Lawn and landscaping companies that provide the service should have a licensed professional on staff to care for your property. We recommended licensed professionals are the only ones who apply fertilizer. 


Based on the Kansas City weather, we recommend 7 treatments a year. Each one having a different purpose for the season. These start in the early spring and end with a winterizer treatment. They are applied in the ideal weather for the chemicals to take to the lawn. 

Our annual program consists of the following 7 applications:

Early spring application: To help lawn recover from winter and prevent new weeds from germinating.

Late spring application: Slow release fertilizer to prepare lawn for summer, and more pre-emergent top event new weeds.

Employee applying fertilizer in kansas city to improve lawn health.

Grub application: Preventative grub control (performed at the same time as the Summer Application)

Summer application: Helps lawn retain color from spring

Early fall application: Promotes lush color

Late fall application: Repairs damaged/stressed turf

Winterizer: Provides food to the lawn during the winter. This promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system.

How Much

The amount of fertilizer needed is based on the square footage of the property. Our fertilizer customers get a custom service and we spot spray for weeds when we apply it. This is important to target to prevent weeds from taking over the property. 

These are just the basics of fertilizer in Kansas City. Based on your local area the requirements can change. To give your lawn the care that it needs, always consult a professional. In the long run it will save you money having a professional do it right the first time versus the cost to repair it later. If you have any questions, give us a call or talk to your local lawn and landscaping company. 

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