Fertilizer in Kansas City

Fertilizer in Kansas City

Home owners take pride in the quality and upkeep of their homes. The lawn outside of their home is just as important as the inside. To take proper care of it you do need some basic services. A landscaping company would make sure your lawn has everything it needs to take the stress off of you. Fertilizer is one of the essentials for your lawn that a certified application tech should be applying for you. Fertilizer in Kansas City will keep your lawn on the right track all year round. 


There are 7 recommended treatments for fertilizer in Kansas City. All of which function differently to make sure your lawn is getting the right nutrients throughout the year. Let’s review the 7 treatments and their functions. 

fertilizer in kansas city

Our annual program consists of the following 7 applications.

Early spring application: To help lawn recover from winter and prevent new weeds from germinating.

Late spring application: Slow release fertilizer to prepare lawn for summer, and more pre-emergent top event new weeds.

Grub application: Preventative grub control (performed at the same time as the Summer Application)

Summer application: Helps lawn retain color from spring

Early fall application: Promotes lush color

Late fall application: Repairs damaged/stressed turf

Winterizer: Provides food to the lawn during the winter. This promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system. 

Each treatment benefits your lawn in the appropriate season. For the best results, use all 7 treatments. Lawns that do not use all 7 see an increase in weeds and pests on their property. Make sure to always consult a chemical applicator before applying chemicals to your property. 

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