Fertilizer in Kansas City: You Need It

Fertilizer in Kansas City: You Need It

There are two lawn care basics that every resident in Kansas City needs, mowing and fertilizer. Mowing is the most basic lawn care service that will keep your lawn at a healthy length, but it does not do everything. Adding fertilizer in Kansas City to your lawn throughout the year will finally give it the nutrients that it needs to advance from a basic lawn to the envy of the neighborhood.

Fertilizer in Kansas City for spring and summer lawn care

The Treatments

There are 7 recommended applications for fertilizer in Kansas City throughout the year. Let’s explore what each application does for your lawn and when you should apply it. 

Early spring application: To help the lawn recover from winter and prevent new weeds from germinating. This is crucial to the whole fertilizer process for the year. It gives your lawn the perfect jumpstart.

Late spring application: Slow release fertilizer to prepare lawn for summer, and more pre-emergent top event new weeds. It does take a couple weeks for the slow release to go into full affect. You should expect to see changes 2 weeks and later after the application. 

Grub application: Preventative grub control (performed at the same time as the Summer Application).

Summer application: Helps lawn retain color from spring. Summer is hot and dry. Your lawn needs this to maintain itself during that harsh time. 

Early fall application: Promotes lush color. Now that summer is over, let’s keep the green going in the fall. This is crucial to your lawn’s winter health. 

Late fall application: Repairs damaged/stressed turf. Leaves have started falling and the longer they are on the ground the more damage they can cause. This application will help to prevent dead spots. 

Winterizer: Provides food to the lawn during the winter. This promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system. Winters are tough. Between the snow and freezing cold temperature, your lawn needs all the help it can get. This will give it one more dose of nutrients before the year is over. 

Whats Next?

Hiring a professional certified chemical applicator will insure your yard has the perfect amount of fertilizer every time. Your local lawn and landscaping company will be able to help with everything your lawn needs. Fertilizer in Kansas City can make or break your lawn. Take the next step in keeping your lawn in top shape all year round with fertilizer in Kansas City.

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