Fertilizing: Why it Matters

Fertilizing: Why it Matters

If fertilizing is not part of your regular lawn maintenance, then it should be! If you are constantly wanting a greener and healthier lawn, then fertilizing is your solution.

Every lawn is different, but a professional lawn care specialist can recommend the amount of applications and the type of fertilizer that is needed. The easiest path a homeowner can take is hiring a lawn care company that will do all of their applications throughout the year. This takes the work out of making sure each application is on time and the right fertilizers are being applied.

LDK Lawn Services recommends 7 fertilizer applications a year for the Kansas City area’s climate. Here are all 7 applications broken down into what they do and when they should be applied:

1. Early Spring

The first application of the year is used to help your lawn recover from the dry and cold winter.

2. Late Spring

This is a slow release application. The slow release puts out all the nutrients over time.

3. Grub Application

When it starts to get warm outside a lot of grub start to hatch in your lawn. The goal is to apply the grub application as it starts to get warm to catch the grub before it hatches and starts to spread across your lawn.

4. Summer Application

In the spring your lawn has a beautiful green color. When summer starts it can become dry and hot outside. This application keeps that green spring color throughout the summer.

5. Early Fall Application

Fertilizing can keep your lawn lush and green. This early fall application will continue to do that.

6. Late Fall Application

The sixth application is used to repair damaged and stressed lawns. The seasons changing can cause a lot of stress on your lawn and this application helps to repair it.

7. Winterizer

Fertilizer before winter provides food for the lawn during the winter. This promotes earlier spring green-up and healthy root system. Winter is hard on your lawn with freezing, melting, and refreezing, this fertilizing helps your lawn get through it.

Fertilizing is just one of the many steps in taking care of your lawn. If the health and color of your lawn matters to you, then you have to fertilize. There is no question about adding this to your lawn care routine.

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