Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing Your Lawn

It’s very important to keep up with your lawn care year round. Fertilizing your lawn is one way to keep it healthy. This will get your grass the nutrients it needs and help strengthen the roots. A thriving lawn will improve water absorption and prevent weeds. We recommend contacting a professional lawn care company to adequately apply fertilizer. Let’s go over the importance of a lawn fertilizer and a year round program.

Importance of Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a tremendously important component of your lawn care. It provides necessary nutrients for your grass to thrive. While it improves water absorption and prevents weeds, it also encourages a healthy ecosystem. This prevents unwanted pests and insects from overtaking your yard. A professional technician will evaluate your lawn and determine what will be the best treatment for it. It is crucial that a knowledgeable company applies fertilizer to your grass. Applying too much fertilizer can damage or kill your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn will help it flourish.

Fertilizer Program

A year round fertilizer program ensures your lawn is getting essential nutrients. For the midwest, we recommend seven treatments. These include:

  1. Early spring application: Helps the lawn recover from the winter and prevents new weeds from germinating.
  2. Late spring application: Slow release fertilizer to prepare lawn for summer and more pre-emergent to prevent new weeds.
  3. Grub application: Preventative grub control (performed at the same time as the Summer Application).
  4. Summer application: Helps the lawn retain the color from spring.
  5. Early fall application: Promotes lush color.
  6. Late fall application: Repairs damaged/stressed turf.
  7. Winterizer: Provides food to the lawn during the winter. This promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system.

Enrolling in a fertilizer program is a great way to make sure your lawn is protected. Contact a lawn care company so your grass is treated reliably and professionally.

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