First Snow of 2022: Commercial Snow Removal

First Snow of 2022: Commercial Snow Removal

The first snow of 2022 has arrived. New year’s eve was more than expected when Kansas City received snow for the first time this season. Was your business ready? Commercial snow removal is not only important to your business and employee safety, but a huge item for customers. Let’s go over commercial snow removal and everything you need to know. 


Who do you need to hire for commercial snow removal? A local company will know the area and the weather better than anyone else. Request quotes from several companies before choosing one. Make sure that company can work with your payment policy. If a company is net 30 and you are net 60 to get things paid, you would be getting a late fee every time. It is important to find one that fits you and to know the expectations up front. 


Why do you need snow removal services? That simple answer is safety. You want your employees to be able to come to work that day and feel safe getting in and out of the parking lot and in and out of the building. You want your customers to feel the same. If no one can reach your business after it snows they will not want to work there or attend there as customers. It says a lot about your business on how you handle inclement weather and treat employees during it. 


Snow removal is not a matter of if you need it but when you need it in the midwest. Make sure you have your snow removal company secured before the snow hits. As a professional company we recommend doing this as early as August each year to give you peace of mind. Make sure the company does carry insurance in case anything were to happen in icy conditions. 

Commercial snow removal is essential for any business and should be considered when deciding to open a business store front. If your customers and employees cannot make it into your parking lot or building. You are then losing out on business. Get your snow removal taken care of in 2022 with commercial snow removal. 

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