Full Time Jobs in Lawn Care

Full Time Jobs in Lawn Care

5 Reasons to Work for a Lawn Care Company

Do you want to make a career change? Are you looking for a full time job? Do you love working outside? LDK Lawn Services has a great opportunity for you. Out of all the lawn care companies you could work for, LDK stands above the rest. Here are 5 reasons to work for a lawn care company:

On the Job Training

Training in a classroom and discussing what you are going to be doing everyday is fine, but LDK offers on the job training. This gives you the chance to see and touch the equipment before being thrown on a job site. On the job training creates a happier and often safer work environment.

Working Outdoors

Are you craving fresh air? Full time jobs in lawn care let you be outside everyday! Being in a green environment has been proven to decrease stress and increase someone’s quality of life.

Instant Results

Mowing and landscaping allows you to see the finished product. Changing a lawn from brush covered and overgrown to a clean cut property all in one day feels great. Most factory or desk jobs, you only get to see one side of a business. Full time lawn care jobs let you see the project from start to finish.

Overtime Opportunities

Spring, summer, and fall are a busy time for LDK Lawn Services and other lawn care companies. There are always chances for overtime during those seasons. LDK keeps their employees on all year round and do snow removal in the winter.

Learning Something New

Most people do not have a lawn mowing or landscape/construction experience. Working for a lawn care company gives you the chance to learn new life long skills that can be applied to your own home.

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LDK Lawn Services is offering full time jobs in lawn care. There is no experience required, but it is preferred. Pay is based on experience. Send your resume or request an application by emailing EmilyNewton@LDKLawnServices.com or calling (913) 568-5013.