Grass Care in Kansas City

Grass Care in Kansas City

Nothing feels better than coming home and enjoying a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Be the envy of your neighbors with superior grass care in Kansas City. Having the lawn everyone wants does require hard work. We recommend hiring a landscaping company to ensure all your services are completed each year. Mowing is the base service but there are others that go with it. Let’s go through the services you need for a lush green lawn. 


Grass care in Kansas City includes fertilizer that is essential for your lawn. We recommend 7 treatments a year to keep your lawn in top shape. With each treatment it is important to spot spray for weeds to make sure they stay under control. This will not turn your lawn green overnight but with all the treatments combined your lawn will be happier and healthier all year round. 


This is the process of removing cork sized holes from your lawn. Aeration allows your lawn to breathe and nutrients to get to the root of your grass. This gives your lawn a huge boost. We recommend aeration in the fall combined with overseeding for the best results.

Grass care in kansas city is more than just mowing. Leaf removals need to happen every fall.

Leaf Removal

Do not leave leaves on your lawn all fall and winter. They will suffocate your lawn and leave dead spots. This is hard to recover from in the spring. You will save time and money if you do 2-3 leaf removals in the fall. This goes for any debris or lawn items that you do not need over winter. A lawn clean up in the spring will get rid of any debris from winter storms. Do not let your lawn suffocate. 

Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system it is important to get it winterized and programmed each year. This prevents any pipes from freezing and makes sure your grass is getting water. If you do not have a sprinkler system, manual watering is advised during the summer dry season.

Overall your grass care in Kansas City is more than just mowing. It is important to give your lawn all the care it needs to so that it can grow strong roots. If you do not know what your lawn needs, consult your local landscaping company. The experts will make sure your lawn has everything it needs throughout the year.

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