Grass Care in Winter

Grass Care in Winter

Winter is on the way! It’s essential to prepare your lawn for the colder season. Grass care in winter helps your lawn survive the freezing temperatures and prepares it for the springtime. Lawn care services that can help your grass this season include fertilizer and leaf removal. Other winter services include winterizing your sprinkler system and snow removal. Let’s go over what you need to do to help your lawn this winter.

Winter Grass Care

grass care in winter

Grass care in winter is necessary if you want your grass to make it through the colder season and thrive in the spring. Fertilizer is one winter lawn care service that can help your property. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program to ensure your lawn gets the proper nutrients year-round. The last fertilizer treatment of the program is the Winterizer application. This treatment gives your grass nutrients over the winter. Other benefits of this fertilizer application include helping develop a healthy root system and encouraging an earlier spring green-up. Another important lawn care service is leaf removal. Leaves can create dead spots if they are left on your grass for too long. When rain or snow falls, leaves can compress and suffocate your lawn. Removing leaves is a good way to make sure your lawn stays healthy through winter. Contact a professional lawn care company for winter grass care.

Other Winter Services

Some other winter services that can help you and your property are sprinkler winterization and snow removal. It’s extremely important to winterize your sprinkler system. If water is left in your system, then it can freeze and cause damage to your pipes. Contact a professional lawn care company to winterize your system. They will have the proper knowledge and equipment to complete this service without damaging your system. Snow removal is another useful winter service. Professional snow removal services can save you the time and effort of clearing snow yourself. A crew will remove snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and porch and then finish with a de-icing compound. Take care of your property this winter by contacting a professional lawn care company.

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