Grass Cutting Services in Kansas City

Grass Cutting Services in Kansas City

Are you too busy for a lawn? Is your HOA constantly reminding you to make sure you lawn is in check? Are you searching for a regular grass cutting service? How do you know when you’ve found a quality service?

LDK Lawn Services will take care of your lawn for you! Grass cutting services are not only convenient, but they can save you money in the long run. The maintenance and upkeep of lawn mowing equipment can become very costly over time. When you hire a grass cutting service they take care of everything for you.

How do you find a grass cutting service?

Finding a grass cutting service is easy finding a quality and professional grass cutting service is the hard part. Here is everything you need to know when looking for a quality and professional grass cutting service.


Making sure you find a company that has been around for several years and is establish, this is one the most important factors to look at when selecting a company. If your grass cutting service has only been around for a summer or two, then there is a good chance that the company could end on a moments notice.

A lot of people will hire a college student who is home for the summer to complete their grass cutting service, when they leave to go back to college then you are back searching for someone else to cut your lawn all over again. The same thing happens with high school students, once school and sports start back up they no longer have time. Starting back at square one is hard, by hiring a grass cutting service you avoid this hassle.


If a company is professional and cares about the quality of your grass cutting service, then they will have a uniform. Most people consider a uniform to be a t-shirt with the company logo on it. A real professional company will go further than that. LDK Lawn Services’ employee dress in a company logo polo paired with tan pants and the proper footwear. This is the higher standard that all lawn care companies should be held to.

A uniform does not stop at the employee’s, professional vehicle and equipment are a great indicator on whether a company is here to make your lawn beautiful or here to mow your lawn a couple times and then never come back. LDK Lawn Services has beautiful black vehicles with their logo and contact information on every side. You will always know who is at your lawn and why they are there.

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Regular Route Schedule

A lawn care company that puts you on a routine schedule is very important. Most companies have grass cutting services that are weekly or biweekly. If they are a quality grass cutting service then they will service your home on a regular day (Pending the weather. Weather can put a lawn care company behind at times, but they still take care of your lawn that week). If you start using a company and they do not fall into a regular pattern, then this company has a higher chance of just disappearing without notice. Which brings you back to square one.

Billing System

A business with a billing system is a small detail that many customer overlook when selecting a grass cutting service. When a company request for you to do something other than just taping a check to the door or leaving it in the mailbox, that means they have security. This company has been around long enough that they have a system for payments and an accounting system that they report. This gives residents the piece of mind that their payments are being recorded. If they ever need a receipt or have a question about a previous bill, it can be pulled up and verified.

These are just a few items to look at when trying to find the grass cutting service in Kansas City that fits your needs. A lot of these items go overlooked, but can make or break your lawn care experience. Make sure to ask a lawn care provider about these items before going into business with them.

LDK Lawn Services has been in business for 12 years in Overland Park Kansas. They started as a mowing company, which is still the #1 service that they provide. All the of the LDK team wears a LDK polo and khaki pants on the work site so you know who is there and what they are doing. Our trucks have our logo and contact information on them to make it easy to point us out. Both our employees and vehicles are uniformed professionally so that we can take care of your lawn as if it were our own.

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