Grass Cutting Services – LDK Lawn Services – Kansas City

Grass Cutting Services – LDK Lawn Services – Kansas City

Grass cutting services at LDK Lawn Services in Kansas City provide residential and commercial properties with healthy, attractive lawns. We are a full-service lawn care company that includes regular mowing and trimming. With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to schedule lawn care for your home or business.

Proper lawn mowing is an important component of our residential and commercial lawn service. We start with a carefully pre-planned approach to determine your lawn’s exact mixture of grass types and evaluate any conditions that could affect the health and appearance of your lawn. Your mower will observe the conditions of your lawn and make recommendations based on that inspection. He will look for any signs of disease that may be active on your lawn, and check for problems with insect infestation that may be present. He will determine the correct height of your grass and will check that your lawn is receiving enough hydration to sustain a healthy green color and keep it growing.

Grass cutting services may also include dethatching and fertilization. Leaves, twigs, branches and other debris will be removed from your lawn and landscaped areas. Our expertly trained professionals will provide custom recommendations based on your lawn’s needs.

During the growing season, grass cutting services will involve weekly mowing on a scheduled weekday. All lawns will be examined for any debris prior to mowing. Location and condition of sprinkler systems will be noted.

All walkways, fence lines, and bordered areas not accessible to mowers will be trimmed weekly for a well-groomed appearance. Walkways will be blown to remove any grass clippings back into the grassy areas. When rain or inclement weather prohibits us from mowing on the scheduled day, we will reschedule your grass cutting services as soon as possible. Everything you need to ensure your lawn has strong roots, thick growth, and vibrant color is included in our grass cutting services.

LDK’s trained Turf Specialists use the best equipment in the industry for grass cutting services, mowing and trimming to ensure your lawn is green, full, and thriving. A healthy lawn at your business is representative of a successful and professional brand and proper mowing is an essential component to keeping it that way. Don’t neglect your lawn and allow it to fall into disrepair. Schedule regular grass cutting services to keep a professional and beautiful exterior to your business.

Every job from mowing and landscape maintenance to Spring and Fall cleanups is important to us. Call (913) 568-5013 today to schedule all your residential and commercial lawn & landscaping service needs, or visit us online at