Guide to Creating a Thanksgiving Checklist

Guide to Creating a Thanksgiving Checklist

Thanksgiving is a busy time when you are the host. There is a lot to do and a lot that can be forgotten A Thanksgiving checklist is the perfect way to not forget the small things that can make or break your day. This is our Thanksgiving checklist of some of the most forgotten items.

Leaf Removal

Everyone is so focused on food and the inside of a home that lawn care is forgotten. By now there are leaves on the ground that can be a hindrance to you guest and any outside activities. Leafs suffocate you lawn and are a main cause of dead grass in the spring, if left on the lawn. There is still time to get a leaf removal before Thanksgiving! We suggest hiring a professional lawn care service to save you time and to make sure the job is done correctly.


Making accommodations for guest is not always easy. Is someone staying with you? Do you need to pick someone up from the airport? Did some people travel a long way? You also need a plan if someone needs to stay the night unexpectedly. If you have a lot of children attending the holiday then make sure there is a space they can play or be outside safely. These are the little things that need to be addressed before guests arrive: parking, sleeping arrangements, play areas, time to arrive, and what they need to bring.


This is the number one time consuming task for the Thanksgiving checklist. What are you cooking? Are you making everything? How many people are attending? The host typically makes the main meat or item that will be served. Make sure you have enough for everyone. A good rule of thumb is to make enough for 2 servings for each person. When having people bring dishes, make sure they know how many people will be there. Most people will let you know, but it is polite to ask about food allergies so you can identify which foods they can eat. 

Popular Thanksgiving Dishes: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, pie, sweet potato casserole, and rolls. Thanksgiving is not restricted to this list. Make your own tradition and celebrate in a way you feel comfortable. 


Entertaining guests is often put on the back burner. People are just thinking about getting through the meal. This is where the leaf removal becomes even more important. Having a space outdoors where guest can spread out, play games, or just relax can be holiday changing. Once again, if you have children coming make sure you can entertain them. Board games, coloring books, outdoor games, and movies are a great way to keep everyone entertained. Make a list of some things you enjoy playing or doing and have a few options ready


Decide if you want to do dishes or not. Paper/plastic plates are a great alternative when recycled after. Choosing to do real plates is a great choice, as long as you have enough for everyone. Do a tentative guest count, then add 5 plates to it. Always be prepared for extra guest to show up.

Being the host of Thanksgiving is not always easy. Make sure you are prepared by creating a checklist. You don’t want to forget to have the leaves removed last minute, because you were focused on getting a head count. This let a list help you have a smooth and relaxing Thanksgiving this year.

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