Halloween Lawn Care

Halloween Lawn Care

Spooky season is here! Halloween lawn care is very important for the health of your grass and the safety of trick-or-treaters. Cleaning up leaves and other debris can help prevent children and adults from slipping. Positioning Halloween decorations can help guide people to your door without trampling your grass. Let’s go over some scary good tips for this Halloween.

Clean Up Before Halloween

There is a lot you can do to prepare your home for Halloween night. Cleaning up your property is one of the best ways to keep others safe. Leaves or sticks can cause people to slip or trip. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long time, they can compress and suffocate your grass. Protect your grass and trick-or-treaters by removing leaves. Contact a professional lawn care company to make sure your lawn is free from debris.

Halloween Set Up

An essential part of Halloween lawn care is being careful of where you place your decorations. Putting large decor on your grass, such as inflatables, can harm it. These decorations will restrict your lawn from receiving sunlight, water, and nutrients. There will also be a lot of weight on your grass. Instead of placing decor on your lawn, you can put them on your porch, driveway, or mulch beds. Another great way to protect your lawn is to make a guided path straight to your door. This will limit the amount of trick-or-treaters walking on and crushing your grass. Use these Halloween tips to take care of your property this spooky season.  

Cleaning up your yard, being wary of where you’re placing your decorations, and making a path to your door can help your lawn. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of debris on your property. Prevent damage to your lawn and help others stay safe by using these lawn care tips. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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